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We are committed to the well-being of individuals and the nurturing and comfort of their homes.

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Hello and Welcome to Western States Homehealth Care Agency Inc

Our daily goal is to provide dependable home health care for every need. Western States Homehealth Care Agency Inc provides the highest caliber of home health care services thanks to its team of qualified therapists, competent nurses, and professional caregivers.

Care from Western States Homehealth Care Agency Inc is a prudent substitute for hospitalization. With our distinguished services, which include simple and sophisticated expert care to monitor, supervise, and manage the guarantee of a patient’s well-being while savoring the comforts and solitude at home, we can assist you in keeping your strength and independence at home.

Offering a Better Choice for You Our Available Services

Explore the comprehensive range of services we offer, designed to meet your diverse needs and provide tailored solutions for a seamless and satisfying experience. [View More Services]

Caregiver having a conversation with the elderly woman

Skilled Nurse

Elevate recovery with expert care from skilled nursing professionals.

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Caregiver helping the elderly man with his exercise

Physical Therapy

Achieve mobility goals with personalized physical therapy sessions.

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Occupational Therapy

Enhance daily living through specialized occupational therapy interventions.

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Caregiver assisting the elderly man as he walks

Home Health Aid

Experience compassionate support with our dedicated home health aides.

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We are Committed Mission Statement

Being in this industry brings both fulfillment and challenges. Each day offers opportunities for interaction, change, and learning from those we assist. The dynamic revolves around both parties and for us, it goes beyond mere service delivery. It encompasses the bonds, friendships, and shared memories.

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Caregiver helping the elderly woman walk

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